Legal information on our legal status, our services, our trade register number and our VAT numbers

Margetson Van ‘t Zelfde & Co. is a professional partnership (in Dutch: maatschap) estabished under Dutch law, domiciled in Rotterdam and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 53345983. The partnership is formed by Margetson & Margetson B.V. and Mr. R.C.A. van ‘t Zelfde B.V. which are companies with limited liability.

We provide a comprehensive range of legal services, including legal advice and litigation. See our website for details.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing we will charge for our services by bringing into account the time worked against the agreed hourly fee. Where agreed, the clients are required to pay an agreed surcharge for office expenses. Disbursements such as court fees, bailiff costs, translation costs, etc. are for the account of the clients. Where applicable the Dutch VAT will be charged. We may send interim invoices. Unless otherwise agreed, payment is due within fourteen days beyond the date of the invoice.

General terms and conditions, applicable law and competent court
The clients´ legal relationships with Margetson Van ´t Zelfde are subject to our terms and conditions, which can be perused at and downloaded from our website and will be sent to you free of charge upon your first request. The legal relationships to which these general terms and conditions apply shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Dutch law. Disputes shall be submitted in first instance exclusively to the Rotterdam Court.

Our lawyers are insured in accordance with the rules of their professional organisation under a professional indemnity policy.

Our insurance agent is Niehoff Werning & Kooij, Snouckaertlaan 42, 3811 MB Amersfoort, telephone number +31 (0)33 464 1340 / +31 (0)33 464 1340. We will send you more detailed insurance information upon request.

Please inform us if you are not satisfied with our services. Complaints should be addressed to either Mr R.C.A. van ´t Zelfde or Mr Nigel Margetson who form the complaints committee. You can reach them by sending them an e-mail at or or by using our contact details which can be found on our website.

If your complaint has not been resolved satisfactorily, depending on the type of complaint, various other options are open to you, all notwithstanding your right to institute civil proceedings. Regarding our lawyers you can issue disciplinary complaints with the dean of the local bar association in Rotterdam.

Information regarding services
If you require information regarding our services, please send an e-mail to or or use the contact details on our website.