Offshore (Energy) is one of the particular areas of expertise of Margetson Van ´t Zelfde & Co. Our clients consist of larger and smaller marine contractors, ship owners and other service providers. We occasionally act for operators.

We negotiate, advise on and draft all types of contracts in the offshore industry e.g.:

T&I contracts,
ROV contracts
Ship sale and purchase agreements,
Pre-bid agreements,
Joint Venture / shareholder agreements,
NDA’s, / CFA’s
Performance Bonds

A great deal of our work consists of supporting clients with tenders, whereby we inter alia draft tables of contractual qualifications. We work with the LOGIC, FIDIC and BIMCO suites of contracts on a regular basis, as well as with in-house contracts of various oil companies and large contractors.

Apart from oil and gas contracts we have also worked on a number of tenders in the offshore wind industry. We have also handled various large arbitration cases relating to disputes with jack-up installation barges in the offshore wind industry.

Most of the contracts that we work on are subject to English law. We however also have experience negotiating contracts under many other different legal systems such as Dutch law, Egyptian law, Russian law, Israeli law, the laws of various states in the USA (such as e.g. Louisiana, Texas and Florida) etc.. Where necessary we can involve a local correspondent for a double check on the validity of the contract as agreed at the end of negotiations. When working under a strange system of law, such a double check is of particular importance for e.g. liability, indemnity, limitation of liability and warranty clauses.

We also litigate and arbitrate disputes under and in connection with such contracts. We have a great deal of experience handling large international disputes. Recently we published an overview paper on arbitration procedure and practice in the Netherlands. You can access the paper on our publications page.